Monday, November 25, 2013

The only solution to wealth inequality in America

The only real solution to wealth inequality is to cut the top level executives pay dramatically to reduce the inequality between their pay and their average employees pay. This would give more money to the poor and the middle class directly. Funneling it through the government via taxes never works out well for anyone especially the middle class. If the poor and middle class earn more they will in turn pay more tax to the government and thus solve all our economic problems. We just need the top 10% to let go of some of their money and stop being so greedy and selfish. 

This approach of paying the worker more has worked in the past to make fortunes for the auto companies. 

 "$5 a Day – the famous $5/day wage, instituted in 1914, was approached by few workers, but it helped limit the turnover of 300%; the higher overall wage also allowed workers to purchase the product that they were manufacturing (analogy to Bush directives for Americans to do their “patriotic duty” and purchase stuff in reaction to Sept. 11)"

Creating charity organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is just another way they can avoid be taxed and look like they actually are doing something to help the world, when the employees in their production stream are the ones who could benefit the most from their help and in turn the businesses and people in their communities would benefit. 

When you have more than even your children can spend in a lifetime isn't it time to rethink how you're paying your employees and your supply chain partners and their employees? 

Now I don't think any executive is going to willingly take a pay cut so my solution is that we all walk out of our jobs on Thanksgiving and no one goes back to work until the wealth is redistributed properly. We the people have the power, but fear keeps us from doing the one thing that could change the situation. This was the power of unions, they got us the 40 hour work week and safe work environments, things other countries still don't have (garment workers still dying in sweatshops in Bangladesh, those sweatshops used to be here in America before unions). Why do you think the capitalists and politicians worked so hard to bust the unions? Why do you think union workers still have decent wages and retirement plans that are actually funded? 

We need to adapt the Big Bill Haywood approach to equality, start a revolution and get this greed back under control. 

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