Friday, May 17, 2013

Between Man and Beast - by Monte Reel

An excellent book, from start to finish. Don't let the size of it daunt you, half the bulk of the book is the exhaustive acknowledgements and references for the incredible amount of research that Monte Reel put into this book. From the moment I picked it up I was entranced, yes there may be some lengthy historical side trips and details, but that is what really puts in you the place and time of this novel. I say novel even though it is superb piece of non-fiction work, but it truly reads like an adventure novel and dramatic tale of discovery and loss. A glimpse into the world in the Victorian period of great scientific advances and a fair amount of the compelling back story to the drama that occurred with Darwin's release of Origin. The book is at once entertaining, informative, educational, and heartbreaking. Truly should be working it's way into a screenplay for those unwilling to lift a book these days. 

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