Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just a brief glimpse into "Social Media ROI"

I've been reading through Olivier Blanchard's book Social Media ROI and every other page seems to have another great point. Not great point put in the usual "social media expert" way (see the quote below and you'll know what I mean), but taking the focus off of "social" and back on to business and the bottom line. Things you are thinking about in regard to getting something meaningful and measurable out of your social programs, and wondering how to address and then there suddenly on page 16 it is simply stated and the light goes on. You realize as you read through this isn't a book about how to do social as much as it is a book on how to run your business to meet your objectives and your bottom line. Then when you're clear on those objectives how you use social to help meet them becomes the fun part. Throughout the book there are several great but simple points put in a such a way that just begs to be shared. I don't want to reveal too much content from the book Blanchard deserves credit for his work in educating people on what social is and isn't, so just one of my favorite lines from the beginning of the book... 
"There is no such thing as a social media strategy... What you do have are business objectives and strategies to achieve these objectives. Start with those and incorporate social into them." 
It's refreshing to see someone put "strategy" in its place; after setting your objectives where it belongs. I've worked with clients from company marketing departments who don't have a clear understanding of their own business or the objectives they should be trying to meet. It is extremely difficult to improve something when you don't know what that something is.
Pick up the book for more great insight, follow @thebrandbuilder and get on your way to knowing how to get to meaningful ROI from social.

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