Monday, March 21, 2011

Review of "Perspectives on Social Media Marketing"

You can judge this book by the cover and if it is a topic that interests you or your organization then pick it up and start reading today. The great thing about the book is that it's broken up into 89 topics and each topic is addressed by both the brand perspective and the agency perspective. While a number of times the perspectives are very similar, there are definitely diverging perspectives and also different resources recommended for each perspective. The book has tons of links to reference material, tools, blogs and includes good anecdotal points as well. While some of the resources may become outdated quickly, it still will serve on the main intent which is to provide two perspectives on social media marketing. Engagement and conversation is a lot of what you'll hear, but more than buzzwords you'll get a glimpse of the experience in social media both the brand and agency perspective provide. Whether you are just getting started in social media or are a seasoned veteran, this book will probably give you more than one "ah hah" moments as you jump in to this fast-paced and ever changing world of social media marketing.

For once you can really judge a book by it's cover and it delivers just what it says Perspectives on Social Media Marketing. A great resource for marketers and business owners in all industries. Topic #79 from the book "In the social space, conversations change in real time. How can small, medium, and large companies keep up?" The brand perspective "For all of them, keeping up means listening..." and it goes into it a lot more. Easy to read, and you can skip to topics that are critical to you and refer back to topics as they come up during your journey into social media.

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