Friday, February 11, 2011

Rainbird: Realtime Analytics at Twitter (Strata 2011)

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Social media a powerful tool for social justice!

Check out the Facebook page that started a revolution and won!!!!!

Amazing what shedding a little light on the subject of abuse of power and corruption can do when you have access to an online audience. It's the power of six degrees of separation, we're all connected if you go into the network far enough. So one man starts a Facebook page, forwards it to some of his friends who like it, their friends see it and they like it and so on... Soon the page has over 50,000 fans and momentum is starting to build. The man who starts the page disappears for 12 days no one knows where he is. He's being held against his will by the state, while he's in prison the momentum builds and escalates and the government takes violent action against peaceful protestors.

A leading figure of the protest movement Mohamed ElBaradei posts on Twitter @ElBaradei: "We shall continue to exercise our right of peaceful demonstration and restore our freedom & dignity. Regime violence will backfire badly" and so it did but not without a huge cost. 300 people dead and the protests continue. The military steps in to keep the peace and the tide turns on a 30 year dictatorship. After 18 days Mubarak leaves the country. It would have been easy to end the protests after Mubarak had announced he had turned power over to his right hand man, it would have been easy to end the protests when Mubarak said he would leave in September... I wonder if we were in the same situation would we have stayed or taken the easy way out?

True reform can't happen with the people in power handing the power over to someone they approve of, but even in Egypt some were saying enough of these protests, Mubarak said he would leave... others said no this isn't the change we want handed to us, we are taking it! Good for Egypt I hope they bring best of their intentions to the new government and their country and world becomes a better place for it!