Monday, January 31, 2011

Social media monitoring could save lives?

Are we already heading toward the future spelled out in Minority Report (think Enemy of the State and Minority Report meet Facebook and Google Earth)? If they had really known the future I wonder if they would have called the movie the Google Report (doesn't sound as threatening does it). It might already be happening, every day there might be a feed going to government and law enforcement agencies from Facebook to detect sentiment and analyze posts for suicidal or violent personality profiles and then monitoring all their online behavior for patterns that could lead to a crime or suicide.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just finished reading Jim Sterne's Social Media Metrics

For now let's just say it extensively covers the topic and points you to numerous resources for further information. If you're looking for a clear path to all the ways you can measure social media this is a good place to start, but be warned you may find yourself tumbling into the rabbit hole. Stay tuned for Olivier Blanchard's new book Social Media ROI (releasing March 2011), and if you can't wait click the link below for some insights from Olivier now!

Olivier Blanchard - Basics of Social Media ROI

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Arthur Middleton Hughes - From the book Strategic Database Marketing

"We do not have time to build up a relationship with the producers of many of the thousands of products that we use every day."

"Looked at from the customers' point of view, database marketing and the internet are ways of making customers happy, of providing them recognition, service..."

"There are some products where database marketing will not work and should not be attempted."