Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trapped in Paradise (or San Francisco) thank you Audi

Did you ever see that movie "Trapped in Paradise"? I’m still stuck in San Francisco! My car is back at the dealership after making it just past SFO before having another melt down yesterday (same thing happened on attempt one on Saturday). Of all the places to be stuck for the holidays San Francisco is as nice as it gets. I miss seeing the So Cal crowd for the holidays but it looks like I’ll be up here at least another day and then I’m buying myself a car for my present if I can’t get mine back this week.

You know what is funny I thought I had the miracle when I started it up on Sunday all the warning lights were off and everything seemed fine, so I took it for a test drive around Highway 1 and got to the Muir Woods turn off and there was this big rainbow and so I parked my car and took some pictures of it and then drove back to San Francisco and no lights came on. So I said to myself let’s hit it and I made it two blocks and back came the lights and I just kind of sighed and turned around towards the dealership again. I am getting to the point now where I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry or what. There are a few good things about this though, #1 my family is all at my house right now and I’m not, #2 I might not make it home for Christmas and will have mostly avoided my family, #3 I got to ride the ferry across the bay with probably the most beautiful night San Francisco skyline scene I’ve ever seen, #4 that rainbow was a full arch so I bought a lottery ticket and maybe that’s where my luck will go! It was only there for a few minutes and it dumped some rain and then the clouds blew away and left just the sun. Not a bad day considering, there is still something weird about being alone at Christmas in a different city with nothing familiar and running out of clothes to wear. The whole thing is a little bit of a downer, but I’m staying positive and enjoying what I can when I can.

I think the dealer is sick of my car, they won’t even call me back today I’ve called three times this morning already. So far I have handled it all in a very zen like manner, but it’s been going on for 26 days now and I’m not sure I can maintain this level of patience for much longer!